About company

The company has been founded in the middle of the 1995 and since its creation is concentrated first of all on the issues related to informational and automating systems in the railway transport, especially in the field of dispatching the travellers, systems using chip cards and the software for the technological processes controlling.

Scope of our company's business activities

The present main business activities of our company are mobile cash systems for the railway passangers dispatching and developing and support of the systems using contactless chip cards.

  • In the Czech Republic, on quite all of the private operator's railways, there are more then 1500 our portable cashes POP operating. For all of this devices we secure the software maintenance and we realize all program and data adjustments respecting all operators requests.
  • In the field of contactless smart cards we are significantly involved in the project In-karta Czech Railways, which also provide the acceptance of existing and emerging smart card systems in various IDS systems ČD. We have also successfully completed its own system of customer contactless smart cards for the company Viamont a.s.
  • In 2006, in cooperation with the Techniserv a.s. we realize the project mobile system for selling goods on-board the airplanes ČSA, which is currently deployed over 100 pieces of sales terminals POP.FLY.
  • In addition to these main areas of our business we deal with all programming activities, including development of drivers, creating software for handhelds and PDAs, etc. according to your wishes and requirements.

Present company ODP software

Our company has acquired ISO 9001 certification in the 2004 for this activities:

  • software made to measure
  • software installation and service
  • related hardware delivery

We are renewing this certificate continuosly.

Currently, we are a stable company possessing an experienced team of developers capable to implement projects according to specific customer needs. For all our projects and facilities, of course, we provide training and customer service.



In the 2004 has been our company processes judged and certificated by the internationally reputable
certification authority NQA